Daylight Savings Time is the day I start spring in my mind.  Daylight Savings Time is earlier than the actual spring date.  No, the official spring  date also marks the day that I celebrate spring equinox.  I like the idea of the day being equal in light and dark.   I am now asking myself if there is a full moon on the spring equinox.  If so, is that a special thing?

Spider plant that has eaten up all the dirt.

Spider plant that has eaten up all the dirt.

Anyway, I repotted my house plants, and potted some plants that had sprung major roots in water.  Most of it went easily but there was one plant that I had to dig out.  Talk about root bound!  I am continuously amazed at plants.  This plant ate the dirt.  This is a spider plant who now has a new home.  I bet it is grateful.

Bottom of screen door.

Bottom of screen door.

I also put together the frame for my screen door.  Now all I need to do is sew the screen cover for it.  I have my former shower curtain and some fiberglass screen, both materials that can be sewn on a sewing machine without damaging the needle too much.  I’ve been mulling it over in my mind how I want to attach the screen to the door.  I also need to glue the parts together and get it mounted to the outside of the house.  It is going to be a sliding door.  Like a barn door but with plastic and no wheels.

front view

front view

My other ‘finished’ project is more of a transformed project.  I was going to crochet myself a tunic out of hairpin lace.  It turned into a capelet.  I love this thing and now want to make me another, wider one.  I’m going to get buttons on this one and see if I can sell it.  The wider one will be for me though.  I might even write a pattern.  I can tell you from experience that it is a warm piece of material.  Perfect for spring.

side view of capelet

side view of capelet


March randomness

I like leggings.  They are comfortable to walk in and show my legs off.  They also show off my butt.  As I just turned 55 (*) yesterday, I don’t need to show off my butt.  It is considered tacky for women of my age.  The answer to that is to get shirts that are long or to make me some tunics.  I’m going with making me a long over shirt that I can wear over my short shirts that can act like a tunic.  Since I am enamored with hairpin lace at the moment, I decided to make it out of hairpin lace.

So I happily crocheted 4 stripes, 120 stiches long to make the first panel of the tunic.  Only when I did that, I realized that it makes a much better collar than a panel and so now I have the back collar.  It also means that I am momentarily stuck.  I think I’m going to crochet me 8 more strips,  this time 60 stitches long and make the front of the collar.  I’m rather excited to see what happens next.

The only design problem that I have at the moment is that I am a big woman with big boobs and I might end up looking like a colorful barrel when I get done.


On a side note:  55 is 5 * 11.  This is neat because now I am double primed and one of those primes is one of my favorite numbers:11.  11 is a neat number because of Pascals triangle.  Go to http://www.mathsisfun.com/pascals-triangle.html to discover why it is so fun.  The number 11 is just a kick butt number.

My isms.

These are things I find myself saying a lot.

1.  The last perfect human was hung on a cross to die.  This is one of the shitty ways to die.  You suffocate while in great pain and it takes awhile.

2.  “Congratulations:  your human.”  as I shake the hand of someone who has made an error.

3.  When you insult other people, they have a choice to accept or reject the insult.  When you insult yourself there is no choice.  You have called yourself a name without the luxury of even thinking about whether it is true or not.

4.  (corollary to 3).  The definition of said insulting name is already in your mind.  At least, when other people call you that name, you have the choice to change the definition or modify it in some way to make it less hurtful.

5.  Plants are amazing things.  They will be on this earth a long time after everyone is gone.  They can last longer than animals as well.

6.  There is no known machine able to crochet.  Machines take advantage of doing several things at one time.  Knitting machines are good because you have all stitches in a row.  Crochet does one stitch at a time.  No money in making such a machine.

7.  We need the water.

8.  There are more humans than cows.  Ergo, more human shit is creating methane than cow shit is.  Why isn’t anyone talking about birth control saving the world?  Less people would mean less methane gas.

9.  “Bull shit”  exclaims my Mom.  “Cows do to ”  say I.  “Why are you only  concerned with the bulls?”

and finally

10.  Life is better with a smile.

February thoughts

1.  Why doesn’t each state have its own ground-hog?  It has been proven time and time again that when it snows in the east it is 60 in the west.  Just in Colorado it snowed five inches in Denver county but zero  inches in Morgan county…a hundred miles east. .

2.  The cats are playing tag team with me.  When they want to go outside they run to me and then run to the door.  Run to, over, under me and then run to the door.  Tripping me is also an option.  One cat will start it and pretty soon both cats are doing it.  I sit, they jump onto my chest, walk around a bit to make sure I’m paying attention and then run to the door.  Or I am walking around, George will twine himself around my legs causing me to look at him, then run to the door once he has my attention.   Dozer, on the other hand just stares at me sending mind thoughts hoping I understand.  My psychic ability is nil.

3.  There are color ways in plarn.  I like the gray and white one more than the one with orange.



4.  There are scraps when making plastic yarn.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  You take a sweater, sew the bottom and top and stuff everything else.  It becomes an animal bed.  Then I saw another pin on Pinterest where the user used plastic to stuff things.   Combined the two ideas and I am slowly getting a stuffed cat bed.  Both cats already use it because it is warm and comfy.  The arms aren’t stuffed yet which is good because that is what is holding it onto the chair.  I wrap the arms around the back pegs.   The bed also makes this nice crinkly sound which I think they like.

Future cat bed

Future cat bed

Bags and stuff

1.  I crochet with plastic yarn.  Plarn for the uninitiated.  Plarn is made by cutting up plastic shopping bags and looping them into a very long string.  It can be quite colorful.  White bags make white plarn with hints of other color because of the logo.  Walmart  switched to gray bags.  I have a lot of gray bags now.  So I asked three people if they shopped at a white bag store as I was running out of that color.  Two people came through and now I have plenty of white.  However, people like to be helpful so I have a few more people who are saving bags for me.  Plus the one person who I asked who hasn’t given me her bags, also has some bags for me.  Pretty soon I’m going to have more supply than I can use. I’ll have plenty of white with no time to make it, let alone crochet with it.  I am blessed.

2.  My scaredy cat is no longer scared but curious.  She is spending more time outdoors.  George is an in and out cat so he will come in first, look around, and then go back outside.  A couple of times I send him back out with the words “Go get your sister”.  He does.

3.  There is a set of stitches that make up a pineapple motif in crochet.  I recently tried to do that pattern with plarn.  One cannot see the motif with plastic yarn.  I’m thinking about doing a color coordinated motif to see if it is more visible.  I have plenty of colors to choose from.  No green bags though.

4.  Weaving takes up lots of string.

My animals



I have two cats and a dog.  George, Freddy and Dozer Bud.  They are comfortable with each other but the dog and the cats are never going to be best buddies.  The two cats are survivors from four cats dumped in my dumpster when I moved here.  Freddy is actually Frederika but that is only because it is close to Fraidy Cat.  Freddy is afraid of everything.  I had to force feed her from the bottle because she was afraid of the bottle.  Afraid to be held, afraid to explore.  Developmentally she is about 6 months behind George, her brother.  Don’t tell George, but she is my favorite.  She spends a lot of time indoors.  Don’t think she is incapacitated by her fear.  She is the one who kept bringing home the baby rabbits.  She is just very wary of what life has to bring.   She if also very feminine.  One of these years she might even be a lap cat but I don’t think so.  She likes sitting on my chest so she can smell and taste my neck.  Then she will snuggle down for a snooze.  Makes it difficult to do other thing.



George was named because the name goes with Freddy.  My brother pointed out to me that Fred and George are the twins in the Harry Potter series.  George is more of an outdoor cat.  He likes to explore the outdoors and hunt birds.  I think he has caught some but has never brought me any presents.  I am thankful for that.  He is also a trained cat.  When he doesn’t come home I can call out the door or go for a walk calling ‘Georgie Porgie pudding pie, kissed the girls and made them cry, when the girls go out to play Georgie Porgie ran away’.  It works most of the time.  It helps if he wants to come home.   He will also follow me for a short walk around the town.

Dozer Bud

Dozer Bud

Dozer Bud I got from the shelter.  He is the first dog that I have ever had as an adult.  I think we had a puppy when I was little that terrorized us so we had to get rid of it.  That is what the story is but I don’t remember much about it.  Dozer is about 9 years old now.  He is an American Staffordshire terrier mix.  AKA a pit bull.  He is the best trained dog!  Someone else had this amazing dog for 8 years and let him go.  They spend gobs of time working with him to teach him manners and I get the benefits.  I often wonder what his previous life was like but then I remind myself that I am trying to live in the present.  He has the neatest smile.

Thought for the day:

I recently started going back to church.  There is a commandment that states ‘don’t take the Lords name in vain’.  I have been practicing breaking that commandment for many years.  I finally thought to change my words from G**damn it to Simon Sings it.  I have no reason I chose  those words except that the sounds express what I am feeling.   One day it occurred to me to wonder what a Simon will say when he realizes I’m using his name as a cuss word.  It is probably what God says when I use its  name as a cuss word.  It is a good thing that Simon is singing.


Todays post has no pictures.   I like pictures in a blog post but today I’m just going to write because it has been so long since I wrote.

How I started my new year.

A week before the year started, I was in the bathroom on the toilet.  When I went to stand up, I did not have good balance.  So I sat back down.  Kind of.  My back hit the tank, the tank hit the wall, the tank cracked.  The time was 5:30 a.m.  There was a lot of water.  I was wondering what to get myself for a Christmas present and now I knew:  A new tank.

Plumbing is not my favorite thing to do.


I have two cats and a dog.  They are all three mousers.  Only I think the dog only catches outside rodents.  There have been two dead mice inside which is the result of cats I think.  Since all the animals are well fed they tend to play with the little creatures.   I would feel guilty about that if I didn’t hate rodents so much.  Thank God that none of the animals think I need a present.  I do not fear mice as I can calmly look at them and not scream, but they do eat books and leave little nuggets of excrement over nice things.  They also eat wood and put nice little holes in places that shouldn’t have holes.  So basically rodents are o.k. as long as their teeth stay off of my stuff.


I am currently knitting fingerless gloves with mitten caps.  I keep telling myself that I should start writing patterns.  Patterns are hard to write though.  However, I do a lot of designing so taking it a step further would be a good thing.  Still thinking about it.


A post with no pictures is weird.